Steve Tataii is official candidacy for US Congress

I am announcing my 2010 official Candidacy for membership in US Congress in the May 2010 Special Election to serve the remaining vacated Congressional seat. There are exactly 6 weeks or 42 days till the election, and enough time for all Kurdish Americans to be a part of this Great undertaking with their support. Americans of Japanese, Chinese, Jewish, „White Europeans“, and other ancestries have had their chance in US Congress, why not Kurdish Americans?

I proudly filed my candidacy papers on the infamous day of chemical attack against the people of my ancestry in the city of Halabja, which commemorates this black day in our world history never to be forgotten, and never to happen again. Congress needs US delegates like myself to be educated in this, and many other issues they appear not adequately informed, leading to distorted and ineffective Bills for Acts or incapable of preventing more wars often fought in the region of Near East, Middle East, and Europe.

I can be a valuable asset to Congress, and my opponents must understand that if they Love America, and her principles for peace, and justice at home & around the world. Hence it should be left up to the voters to elect the candidate with the right stuff, and not the special interest groups, pushing useless candidates to win, and serve in Congress.

My candidacy for political office began in that same year, 1988, of the attack on Halabja, after learning how insensitive, and apathetic most of the other ethnic groups‘ political delegates around me were, when I tried to pass a simple resolution to condemn the attack, and place Saddam’s regime under military sanctions, in my first attended Democratic Convention held on Maui. That had a lot to do with my decision to run for office, hoping I can educate the politicians about Halabja tragedy, and other vital local, national, and international issues, not knowing that I was in for a long haul, still running for office in 2010.

In my 12th attempt to win; perhaps this time, winning, and voicing my concerns in US Congress on many neglected, and underrepresented peoples such as the stateless Kurdish nation, being terrorized by 4 vicious usurpers in the past 90 years, and today the largest nation without Independence at over 50 million Kurds. But don’t let that make you believe I’m only seeking political leadership to improve Kurdish lives; because I have more answers for America’s current economic, employment, energy, and environmental issues than many other already serving officials do. Just look at some of my answers to hard to solve questions on „SHARP“ election website from the 2008 elections at:   , and many others such as Project Vote Smart.

It has been impossible to raise money for my campaigns in Hawaii, simply because there are no Kurdish community here in Hawaii, and other communities pamper their own Candidates not because they want it that way [that would be sort of unpatriotic, but because our top special interest oriented political leaders have filled the social atmosphere here in Hawaii with subtle kind of racism, and favoritism, which has created a „manufactured consensus“ in making our voters believe their elected officials will have to be picked by their decision rather than elected, by those political power players, and no one has been able to prove any election fixing, since our elections are run by state Government itself, with the entire key control aspects, which a kind of seems hopeless, and completely undemocratic!

This is why I am seeking contributions from all Kurds in the United States, who can contribute to my campaign by sending me their campaign donations, and give me a better edge in observing the election process, and purchasing the needed TV, Radio, and Press ads. I have never asked for contributions, and hate for asking, but have learned the hard way; that without money in my war chest; winning may become a lot harder as in the past has been the case. Other US Congress candidates have raised at least $400,000 each, received from other states, and their parties‘ Washington fund raising.

Please send your checks made to Friends of Steve Tataii, and try to call me before mailing them to make sure I receive them. My campaign number is at: 808 845 5716, and address to send it to is at: Steve Tataii, P O BOX 11042, Honolulu, HI 96828.

I need volunteers and money to increase the chance of success in this election, which is to reinstate my lost winning chance in 2008 due to refusal of the Incumbent to debate though I garnered nearly 40,000 votes, and as you may recall the historical outright Victory in 2002, denied after a plot to steal my victory, by a few corrupt special interest groups‘ cronies. Please feel free to call me for your questions and concerns.

My website was just updated to a certain extend, but I admit it still needs some work.
The address to the newly updated 2010 election page is:

Thank you for your support, and may God bless all peace loving peoples around the world.

I have written the following in Latin Kurdi, and hope you can easily read it:

Xoshk u birayani heja slaw u rez, April 8, 2010

Xoshawistan, awa min xom dubara (ranga bo axerin jar) kerd ba Kandidai Emrica u disan shanseki mazen bo dar haten hama, le bar awa, ka min le jer balgai serbaxo yan „be party“ namzad buma u esta xalki dang bdai Emrica le du party zor azabian keshawa u lian bezaren.

Boya ka dang dan bo kandidi serbaxo ba dirokeki bash le halbjartnakan wek min mabasteki mazen le mediai halbjartini Emrica xestata ba arada. Balam disanish „Mediai Madani“ ba kandidakani hajar molat kamtr ddan u awan dbe chalakian zortr bet!

Min lam halbjartni mangi May, 2010 mafeki mazen bo xpm drust kerda u tanya kandid bum ka le halbjartni 2008 her bo am dasalat nazik 40,000 dang henama u tanya raqibi kandidy farmi 20 sal le sar kar bum. Esta awa dabe bo hamu dang danan rwn bkarie ka min tanya harifi kandidi farmi bum u aw le 2008 bo kebarke legal min nahat u namardanah dar kout, balam dwai awa ka shkayetem ba Congress kerd, diyara le kari paliwarieti xoi le Congress yek sal zutr dast kesha u bonai tazai awaya ka bo Governor yan maqami Farmandar xoi dexet naw halbjarteni Septemberi 2010, o le bar awaya ka dast le kari Congress keshawa daro ta zortr law buara Campaign bkat!!!

Enshalla agar hemayati aburi pem gaisht u Pirozim bdast hena; awa min atawanem ba shewei aw dasalati mazen le Congress hawkarani Congress  le daxwazia Gala Kurd u ba taibat garani nawcha dabrawakan binasrenem u ba yarmati xwai mazen le kateki kurt hammu shone dabrawakan bierin ba bawshi Kurdistan u Maddai sad u chl jebaje bkain.

Min abet aqqalli btwanem 100 yan 200 hazar dolar bo reglam u awana ko kam, balam kamtrish yan har chandek basha, ta betwanim le kebarkekani TV u awana xom bixam u toze para bo reglami Media bo kebarkekai siasi saz kam.

Tikaye bruskaik bo hemaye le campaigni min bo kurdan u biradarani Emrica ka twanaiy aburian ba dasta bneren chunku duai 2 halbjartini 2002 u 2008 itr raweshi aburi campaignim le bein chua, balam shansi pirozim esta le hamu katek zortra.

Agarish para zortr bdastem gaisht, awa bo nasandeni kitebakanim u safar bo wutar u awanai konfrans law babata bkar dhenem ka her ba radai halbjartinish yan zortr lawa pewistma ka betwanim dangi daxwaziakani emai Kurd ba gwechkai gali ashetixwazi jihan ba norai xom u ba zmani Engeltari bgayenem.

Zor spas, u hiwadarem her slamat u xosh u serkoutu bn,

legal rez u slaw,

Steve Tataii
808 845 5716

Tkaye hemayeti mali yan aburi bo halbjartin ba am address bneren:

Steve Tataii
P O BOX 11042
Honolulu, Hawaii 96828


Steve Tataii is a Kurdish scholar, current candidate for US Congress in 2010 special election, former candidate for the United States Senate in ‘06, and US House in ’02 (won the election, but denied of his victory through a plot by corrupt inner circle political elements). US House Candidate ’08 (no debate), author of three recent books on the Iraq War related to Kurds and Kurdistan, long-time contributing writer for local and other media, linguist of more than six languages, and an Independent Conflict Resolution Consultant. His Website (soon to be updated) is:

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