How To Boost Your Site’s Web Traffic Extensively ?

People have misconception that more the keyword density better the content will be, but the Web experts believe that how densely you use the targeted keywords, if user can’t make out anything by reading it, they will never turn to a potential buyers. So keywords must be proportionately incorporated with closely knitted words which make a constant flow of ideas and creates a clear picture of your business process in people’s imagination.

In this article you will get valuable information about certain SEO strategies which not only improve your websites web traffic but also build the online reputation widely on internet.

1. Content Optimization

Content is king of your website as well as content is often regarded as the heart of a website. Good design and easy navigation should be coupled with flawless content that are enriched with business oriented keywords and key phrases.

Content management is equally important from both user and SEO point of view. Content in header tag, title tag and description tag must be optimized well with specific keywords so that it is easily found and indexed by search engines, at the same time, people must find the content readable and very informative.

2. Make Short Sentences in Short Paragraphs

Avoid writing long complicated sentences in a web copy. Whenever you write for a website, you should keep your sentences short and include a single idea in one sentence. Instead of a long sentence and multiple ideas, you can use bullet points to list down and explain a complicated topic.

Web users generally scan sentences and if you write a long sentence combining ideas separated by 2-3 commas, the sentence is tough to scan. If you want to contradict an idea you have presented in the previous sentence, start the next sentence with „however“. Same is applicable for „and“ use as well. If you want to continue an idea presented in a preceding sentence, begin the next sentence supporting that idea. There is no need to put an „and“ in between.

3. Use Hyperlinks in Contents

Use hyperlinks to offer your readers ease of navigation. If your site related to SEO then hyperlink the word „Search Engine Optimization“ in the page content this navigates particular page. For example: „Learn more about Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Optimization, Search Engine Marketing and Web technologies.“

4. Use RSS Feed and Link Distribution

Start populating your content and profile activity feeds through blog posts and RSS feed submission sites. These ways will help to increase content popularity and increase the chances of referral hits and external link popularity.

Link distribution can be done through content page link submission to external resources, tutorials and articles directories to help increase popularity and as well you can inter link your and other author’s site related to your content. Make sure that the link distribution serves readers and they are natural, and not exclusive for search engine bots.

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