Turkey must “Free Berivan and all Kurdish Children in Turkish Jails” unconditionally if it wants to survive as a UN member state.

Steve Tataiii Turkey must immediately release the imprisoned innocent Child “Berivan”, a 15 year old Kurdish girl, arrested on the way to visit her aunt in the city of Batman (Batmaan).


It is completely immoral, and irresponsible not to take action against Turkey; knowing its ongoing gross violations of human rights in even keeping innocent juveniles as young as 13 in prison for simply throwing rocks at fascist Turkish military police assaulting civilians or being in demonstrations to simply voice their concerns in seeking their own basic human rights in their own North Kurdistan hometowns and villages.

Turkish anti Kurd militarist regime is now completely out of control, and operating illegally against all the key democratic reform attempts by Turkey’s government in Ankara, which is not in control, and goes along with the Generals perhaps through intimidation, and bullied by Military Generals, who should have been arrested and brought before international courts of justice or their own high courts, also controlled by military, for crimes against humanity, if more sane Turkish military members can sacrifice their

positions and arrest the warmonger fascists to be in those courts, and removed from power permanently.  

 How can Turkish government stop this Tyranny, when the few military officers trying to do exactly that through a “coup- d- ta” or overthrowing the military regime get arrested, and face punishment; how can the government rid itself from those clownishly dressed military Generals if all attempts within the military fail? I’ll tell you how, and I’ve been telling you for 8 years coincidentally from the time they blocked attacks against Saddam regime by US forces trying to enter through its South border (which by the way it lied in North Kurdistan facing South Kurdistan formerly ruled by Saddam in the defunct Iraq).



I explained in my articles that it can only be done by putting “Turkey” under military sanctions, and I insisted that we must also dismantle most of their “donated” or purchased military machines, especially attack helicopters, and jet fighters sent by the West, all in the hands of mad/insane/senile Generals, and kept under sanctions until such time that the government in Ankara can be normalized, and break the grips of political power from the insane Generals, forced to sit on the roundtable discussions in continuing to make anti-Kurd strategies to appease their own Diabolic egos, and quest for their hunger in suppressing and persecuting Kurdish civilians far away from Turkish areas in South East Turkey they have never had any right nor business to be in the first place.


The manufactured “Ankara’s government was empowered to do so solely by the decisions of the colonial powers, namely “UK & France” redrawing the original map of Kurdistan homeland in the most Diabolic and Callous fashion at the 1923 Lausanne Summit, and throwing each of the 4 parts to be usurped by Turkey, Iraq, Iran, and Syria, without any regard to the large population of the peace loving, and proud nation of Kurds, the original owners of Kurdistan from time immemorial, inhabiting her territory for over 12,000 years with a civilization second to none, exposing them to Genocides, persecution, and terror over the past 90 years.


Shame on the Colonialist lazy bums, who employed a foreigner “Kemal Ataturk” to deprive the Kurds of Independence to enjoy peace and stability in their own homeland. The said occupation campaigns have gone on through vicious military attacks, using Western military war machines given to the scummy puppet regime of Ataturk, sitting back, and watching the killing field.   

 This is as sick and as sac-human as it can get, and no World Leader, their government, nor their Human Rights entities should stand by idle for it to continue to this date.  


Free Berivan, and all the rest of more than 2622 Kurdish children NOW. To hell with your 2006 self-serving fascistic made up counter terrorism laws, which is clearly an additional extension of the Turkish old rotten Kemalist anti-Kurd laws. I spit on any Turk, who approves of this, and stands by in the silent majority (which makes them just as guilty as participating to continue the Turkish Fascism). Turks should get rid of their sick military, choose a normal government, recognize North Kurdistan’s right to have their own state, and live in the North Turkey with Ankara as their capitol happily ever after or rest assure all you Turks; that otherwise you’ll all be sacrificing your own lives for a bunch of foolish selfish power greedy insane thugs, and live in shame for the rest of your miserable lives. Mark my words.   


I hope all those politicians, who have invented such laws without placing any restrictions to avoid its gross abuse by mentally sick Turkish Generals, and their likes around the world in clearly visible sub-sections, they all come forward, and give me a hand in this mess I’m trying to fix in an article here. Where is their unholy presence now when we need them the most, or are they too a part of this bloodthirsty campaign?

 Going back to the poor little innocent Berivan, a 15 year old Kurdish girl in Turkish prison:

I am appalled by the irony of Turkey’s repeated gross violations of human rights against Kurds after 90 years, while the West is still silent knowing their undemocratic tyrannical trend:



1) –           Hundreds of genocides mainly in Kurdish villages between 1914-1923 (Genocide means the intentional killing of nearly all the inhabitants of a single community, which I mean “Kurdish Villages” here, thousands being targeted, and civilians killed.

 2) –           Thousands of attempts at genocides in over 20 thousands of Kurdish villages since 1923 (attempts, meaning some still survived, while hundreds in each village were killed).

3) –           Thousands of mass killings of armless Kurdish civilians from 1923-2009.


4) –          Thousands of random assassinations of Kurdish civilians aimed at terrorizing Kurds’ popular Freedom movements engineered by former Turkey’s PM “Tansu Ciller” (1993-95), and carried out by her 50,000 + recruited Turkish paramilitary thugs.

5) –          Thousands of raids against Kurdish civilian homes in cities & villages in the name of national security to maintain Turkey’s known anti-Kurd century old rotten fascist laws, “merely” made to persecute Kurds oppose Kurdish language, and aimed at pointless failed assimilation of as many of the more than 30,000,000 Kurds there being illegally ruled by a different ethnic group “Turks” since 1923 establishment of the artificial state of Turkey in “Lausanne Summit” to usurp Kurdistan by 4 artificially manufactured states of “Turkey”, “Iraq”, “Syria”, and the “North West-West of Iran” in post WWI through League of Nations’ supposedly helpful “US Woodrow Wilson self-determination Doctrine” (we can now see it wasn’t because of any love to protect an entire nation of Kurdistan rather to help his European White old boy European ancestors mainly from UK & France to tear it apart for profits to be made from the stolen Kurdish national Oil revenues” to this day, but securing many Arab nations of the region to become Independent, and flourish with their own Arab Governments within their own sovereign territories. Indeed we can now see Mr. Wilson’s hidden agenda after nearly 1.5 million Kurds, and 2 million Armenians perished in Turkey’s campaigns of genocide mostly in the earlier years from 1915-1923. Some self-determination Doctrine ha?! This callous bloody package was by no means meant to secure independence for Kurds in Kurdistan rather divide their motherland as if it was a Vacated Real Estate Property claimed by the leftover of the fallen Ottoman empire named “Turkey”, given Guns to its newly formed military to kill Kurds and Armenians, and make it easier to profit from discovered oil fields in Kirkuk, and Basra with Arab Ruled Iraq, and with Syria & Iran as usurpers keep Kurds stateless if unable to exterminate the entire Kurdistan’s population (curtsy of UK, France, and other colonial vultures’ modern weaponry hand out). Yet Kurds, using rusted old weapons, knives, and whatever they could capture from their enemies or reinvent on their own, the Kurds survived to this day in the tune of 50-60 million of them, and now, robbed of their natural wealth worth 90 years of oil revenues, facing enemies, which refuse to give up the stolen Kurdish land peacefully, knowing that the Kurds will never give up fighting to free their homeland, and themselves from the grips of the usurpers regardless of their mighty military power. This is when all those “Western” nations ignoring this 90 years long human made intentional wars and tragedies against Kurds, leaving behind at least 1.5 million Kurdish civilians dead. This, while their Freedom Fighters, labeled as terrorist by US and EU officials, who can either show the world if they have any respect to human dignity or they’re just empty shells lacking any dignity nor human quality, no fear of God, and unable to face facts, and stop the 4 terrorist states of Turkey, Iran, Iraq, and Syria they manufactured since 1923 with identical successor puppet regimes worse than the ones before as time moved forward to 2010 a century later.  

 6) –          Constant and endless suppression of Kurds soon after being placed under the 4 occupying usurpers’ Rules, using arrests, imprisonments, torture, and execution, always trying to take away over 50 million Kurds’ basic rights to free speech, political freedom, freedom to teach Kurdish, and in Turkey the 30 million Kurds subject to be punished for speaking Kurdish in public, with the exception of North Iraq or South Kurdistan, which remained free to practice their Kurdish culture, a condition achieved through sacrifices of thousands of Kurdish freedom fighters to protect their 6 million Kurds Kurdish culture, their dignity, and freedom, despite campaigns of genocides known as “ANFAL” by Saddam’s regime, leading to 182,000 Kurds killed since 1982 alone. Unable to reinstate their Independence, severely shattered as part of the 1923 division of Kurdistan into 4, South Kurdistan is still in struggle to be free in half of her territory yet to be returned to Kurdistan’s Regional Government jurisdiction, and East Kurdistan, where Iran banned teaching in Kurdish, while speaking in Kurdish was allowed in public for its 15 million Kurds, and finally Syria, where Arab regimes have continued to deny 3 million Kurdish citizens’ identities, and suppressed West Kurdistani population by using arrests, mass killings, imprisonments, and torture since 1923.


As the 6th paragraph in the latest Petition to Free Berivan:  



{[“According to the European Court of Human Rights, between 1959 and 2009
Turkey was the worst violator of the European Convention on Human
Rights, with almost 19% of all violations, and 2,295 Judgments issued
against it. Turkey also had the highest proportion of violations in
2009, with 347 out of 1,625 negative rulings. The right most commonly
violated was the right to a fair trial. Turkey was also condemned in 30
cases of inhumane or degrading treatment.”

It continues:

[“Turkey ratified the UN¹s Convention on the Rights of the Child (CRC) on
4 April 1995. Berivan is a ³child², whose rights are protected by this
Convention. Article 37 (c) of the CRC provides that

³(b) No child shall be deprived of his or her liberty unlawfully or
arbitrarily. The arrest, detention or imprisonment of a child shall be
in conformity with the law and shall be used only as a measure of last
resort and for the shortest appropriate period of time;²

We consider that an 8 year sentence on conviction for the
crimes reported is grossly disproportionate, and appears to be a
violation of Turkey¹s treaty obligations under the CRC.

We call on the Turkish government to release Berivan and all Kurdish children held in Turkish jails without further delay under humanitarian law.”]}

Henceforth, I hope you’ll all sign the petition:  

“Free Berivan and all Kurdish Children in Turkish Jails” 

by simply going to: http://www.petitiononline.com/be1r1van/petition.html , and also pass this article around, publishing it in your news websites, daily, weekly, or monthly press, and let’s help free “Berivan” as well as other minors, and all Kurdish political prisoners from Turkish Prisons. Also to be aware; that the other 3 Kurdistan portions need to be free from their usurper occupiers preferably “immediately”.    


I would like to bring to Turkey’s High Court attention; that Turkey needs your help in returning back to normal civilization from its past 90 years of blindly following anti-Kurd provisions and articles written in the outdated constitution rather than adding further uncivilized attachments stemmed from a 2006 fabricated and flawed counter terrorist anti-Kurd law. Kurdish Children, Minors, Women, and civilians have been victimized in the past 90 years. This is not showing compassion or sympathy to Kurdish population long suppressed, oppressed, and persecuted. You, as the high court Judges, must remain impartial and steadfast with your independency. 

about the author:

Steve Tataii is a Kurdish scholar, former US Senator Candidate, the author of 3 recent books:

[ http://www.amazon.com/s/ref=rdr_ext_aut?_encoding=UTF8&index=books&field-author=Steve%20Tataii ] o n Iraq War related to Kurds, and Kurdistan, a longtime contributing writer for Kurdish and other media, a Linguist of more than 6 languages, and an Independent Conflict Resolution Consultant.

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