Condemns Execution of 5 Precious Kurds by IRRI

(Islamic Republic Regime of Iran)

    I now believe; that the scumbag “Ahmadinejad” is really a Jewish Zionist many had speculated, pretending he wants to kick out all other Zionist Jews from Palestine imported from America & Europe.

    Yesterday’s execution of:  1. Farzad Kamangar, 2. Ali Heydariyan, 3. Farhad Vakili, 4. Ms. Shirin Alam-Hooli, and 5. Mehdi Eslamiyan took place soon after Ahmaqinejad ended his UN visit last week, and went back to the “Islamic Republic” Gang of Bigot Thugs, holding “Iran” communities as hostages since coming to power. Was this Ahmaqinejad – Clinton UN

encounter a pure coincident in the pre-execution encounter, or just another concession to further empower Ahmaqinejad to continue killing Kurds?    

    Coincidentally, he was just permitted by our US Government to bring his filthy presence into the United States, and attend the UN General Assembly Meeting over the “Nuclear Development Political Football”, which has become a convenient scapegoat or excuse in hiding Islamic Republic’s crimes against humanity in non-stop executions of our precious Kurdish citizens America is not being informed through her Zionist (Zionist Jews  and Zionist Conservative Christian non-Jews) controlled mainstream media.

     This, instead of arresting the scum ball, and turning him over to the World Court in the Hague for his crimes against humanity. Why hasn’t this been done yet? Afraid to stop Kurdish executions on its track, and give the 15,000,000 Kurdish citizens of Eastern Kurdistan the autonomy or Freedom they’ve been dying for since 1920?

     Yesterday’s sudden execution of the above 5 more precious Kurdish activists, 4 of which are members of PJAK, and one just another ordinary Kurd grumbling about his nation still under suppression by the Iran’s successive regimes since 1923, as well as the regimes in Turkey, and Syria, while Kurds in Iraq still need to be secured in their proper boundaries known to all newcomer Arab, Turk, and Fars expansionist foreigners since the more recent 1915’s contemporary modern history, when the region was in transition of power from the reign of the Ottoman Empire to the post WWI period.

     Yesterday’s senseless executions of 5 wonderful precious human beings in the Ahmaqinejad’s ongoing anti-Kurd campaigns marks one of the loudest most significant infamous turning points in the history of ethnic cleansing, and barbarism in the hands of 4 puppet regimes empowered & hired by the Western Colonialism led by Great Britain (UK-England) & France, gaining momentum by the few other Western-Eastern major power states to join in on the Frenzy since the infamous Lausanne’s 1923 summit, when the two states implemented the callous & inhuman division of the nation of Kurdistan into 4, and allowed them to be usurped by their manufactured states of Turkey, Iraq, Syria, and Iran.

     It is equally the most prominent signal to President Obama to show his stuff as a Nobel Peace Award winner (by  the esteemed civilized nominators of that award in Europe last year) in Taking action to expose, and call for Ahmaqinejad’s regime to not only be placed under sanctions by all UN member states, but the regime’s Leaders in charge of these executions be indicted to appear in the Hague to answer questions for their crimes against humanity or as soon as the Court has finished its Hearing/Trial proceeding to establish their abhorrent actions, likely without much of any lengthy cross examinations, considering the clear & proven evidences at hand.

     The evidences in this last cold murder spree of 5 Kurdish political prisoners by hanging them in Evin Prison (without even telling their relatives what was about to happen, which has been the cause of elder parents’ death due to heart attacks in many cases), speak volumes for themselves, and once they fail to show the proofs that the 5 Political Prisoners are still alive if they are denying the hangings, and be sentenced fro their crimes against humanity, as well as a long list of war crimes committed against Kurdish Liberation Organizations, trying to defend their families, friends, and fellow Kurdish citizens over the past 30 years.  

     18 other imprisoned Kurdish political prisoners accused of being PJAK members are in danger of being executed.  

     In yesterday’s news from the region; the deranged Regime, through an unprovoked military operation has just killed 5 other PJAK Freedom Fighters.   

      This is clear ground for President Obama to immediately remove Ms. Hillary Clinton from her position as Secretary of States for her uncalled for malicious interferences into the internal affairs of more than 50,000,000 Kurdish nation “aboriginal Kurds” at the peak of their long hard fought wars by no choice & peaceful struggles for Freedom & Independence; when Clinton empowered their worst enemy,  Ahmadinejad by labeling PJAK, a Kurdish defensive force, which have never left their Kurdish home base,  as a terrorist organization in her last year’s comment, indirectly giving the green signal to the regime to have the nerve in escalating the execution of more Kurdish POWs, and political prisoners, who had only received prison sentences, but their sentences were illegally changed to executions, without the fear of any reprisals in such violations of Geneva Convention on POWs and Prisoners of Conscience treatments.

     In fact the Regimes in Iran, and Turkey have been making offensive remarks about any Geneva Convention Treaties of wars, and Secretary Clinton must have had the full knowledge of these vicious perpetrators before labeling PJAK as terrorist, while the European Union Court has lifted such a label given to another similar Kurdish Liberation Organization called “PKK”.  

     This was the case; when she placed PJAK on “Terrorists” List, stating something to the effect of “Trying to win the attention of Ahmadinejad to comply with the demands put on him to stop the Nuclear development”, which she knew very well Ahmaqinejad was not going to comply with, but went ahead anyway, and compromised the lives of dozens of innocent Kurds by labeling their only defensive force known as “PJAK” as “terrorist”.  

     Ms. Clinton, by doing so, last year, knowingly issued a green signal or an indirect consent to escalate the ongoing executions against dozens of Kurdish political activist imprisoned for defending the rights of their 15,000,000 fellow Kurds of East Kurdistan instead of objecting to the regime’s suppression of Kurds, and calling for peaceful negotiations between the scummy regime and the dedicated PJAK Freedom Fighters to free their communities from regime’s Tyranny & aggression.

      Ahmaqinejad has helped himself in stepping up the executions without the fear of any reprisals from international community figures to stop the executions, since last year’s publicized Clinton’s malicious diplomacy, spread through world’s Zionist dominated media in Labeling PJAK, the only defense force to stop the killings, and aggression against East Kurdistan Kurds, who were supposed to have obtained their Full Autonomy on Late Khomeini’s arrival in 1978, but the dominating post Regime’s Bigoted Thugs took away the key control of power from Khomeini, and the Bigoted Thugs changed all that in 1979, strangle holding the Liberation of Kurds( Long Overdue since 1923) since that time.

     Another Mullah, wrongfully titled as “Ayatollah”, now in charge as the “Supreme Leader” after Khomeini was kept away from political decision making, and soon died of old age,  succeeding as Supreme Leader is “Khamenei”, with a name, which mistakenly may sound like Khomeini to many. He has been appointing Islamic Republic’s Presidents for sometime, yet pretending they have all been elected through unDemocratic elections, which we all know how the recent one went!    

     Today’s “IRRI” (Islamic Republic Regime of Iran) is keeping 15,000,000 Kurds in an atmosphere of suppression, and terror across the vast North West-Western Territory, which constitutes the entire East Kurdistan in an area more than 200,000 Square Kilometers, and a part of the bigger Kurdistan, which constitutes a 600,000 Square Kilometer land base about the size of Texas.       

     No Kurd deserves to die in their mere expressing of his/her objection to defend his/her national rights or even taking up arms to defend what he/she sees as a threat by anti-Kurd forces killing their family members, friends or other  innocent fellow Kurdish civilians, and being kept under suppression in their own communities, and homeland.

     I loath Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s empowering of Ahmadinejad by her lethal and callous foreign diplomacy, causing an escalation in the Islamic Republic’s chain of executions of precious Kurdish citizens as if the Secretary was totally unaware of Kurdish nation’s 90 year old struggle to free themselves from the colonial powers’ puppet regimes in Iran, Turkey, Syria, and Iraq since 1920.

     Her last year’s green light to Islamic Republic by declaring PJAK as a terrorist organization was never reinstated, and by now it is pointless to even try. The best alternative for her is to resign as quickly as possible or be removed.

     I urge President Obama; that it is time to contain our foreign policy team in being from fair, just, and conscionable individuals without their own special interest group’s agendas to harm vulnerable stateless nations such as Kurds, who happens to be in my original ancestral land in “Kurdistan”, partitioned callously by the colonial powers in 1923, and instead appointing those, who’d empower the oppressed rather than the Tyrants, and no one can deny this fact except those, who have not followed the world’s affair in the region.   

     The Genocides, and mass-killings of Kurds in Iran, Turkey, Syria, and Iraq, which have taken the lives of more than 3.5 million Kurdish civilians, and their only existing Defensive Forces at any given time. What exactly did the Secretary had in mind, when she declared PJAK as a Terrorist group other than a possible untold well kept dark secret to expose the Kurdish nation to suffer more casualties, death, and destruction? Wasn’t this same Secretary, who said: “We must protect the Kurds” right before her appointment, and when she needed votes to be elected as a US President?!!  

     President Obama’s administration wasn’t supposed to follow the footsteps of the past administrations in ignoring an entire nation of Kurds’ pleadings for help, while under attack by a Frenzy of the said 4 well equipped military power puppet regimes, taking part in selling Chemical bomb components, war planes, and the intelligence satellite information to find, bomb, and kill innocent Kurdish citizens. The honorable President Obama must act quick, and also allow me to be a part of his advisory team in our foreign affairs of the Near East & South Europe & as a negotiator. 

     As you can tell; I am irate, shocked, and disappointed at the administration’s choices for Secretary of states, and Secretary of Defense as well, since Secretary Gates too made callous, and insensitive remarks last year, when he stated something to the effect; that “It’s ok that Afghan civilians have been killed during our military bombing operations in Afghanistan, because most of those people are not well educated anyway”. How does President Obama allow the two secretaries make such vicious, and lethal statements against two of the said oldest cultures, with Kurds possessing the oldest world’s civilization going back to 12,000 years, and still permit them remain in the two most sensitive positions in the world’s most powerful foreign affairs‘ decision making & Diplomacy?

     There should be no room for this kind of foreign policy in our American spectrum. We are a people, which has always cherished Freedom and Liberty for all, including all other nations, and not just for ourselves, registered in our principle beliefs in our constitution, Bill of Rights, and largely defended, and promoted by many of our Peace Nobel Prize Winners, including President Obama himself, and throughout our young, and still growing nation. We must not stay this course in following the path of some previous Presidents, who made gigantic, and catastrophic mistakes.

     If we don’t learn from history; we are bound to make the same mistake again.

     This story is not about Hillary Clinton, Robert Gates, Steve Tataii, or President Obama. This story is about doing the right thing at the right time, and sticking to positive principles we all believe in, but must not leave it up to individuals, who fail to deliver what we expect them to deliver in the best of their abilities. American people, and their friendly allies, including the Kurds are not supposed to suffer in the callous hands of unqualified officials for their mistakes, be it deliberate or just pretending to be unaware, wash watering their mistakes by saying:  “I’m sorry or  I apologize  It won’t happen again”.

     Truth is; that we can no longer afford their mistakes, and their apologies won’t bring back the lives lost. It is time for change. We must save the precious lives of political prisoners or those at risk by Tyrant regimes. There is no other way. We, as the most powerful country in the world have no other choice. We must lead the world in supporting Human Rights, and must appoint the best in our Foreign, and Military Departments with no surprises up their sleeves, who’d to us all proud.  

     If we are still a growing nation with our own internal racial discriminations; then our Leaders must not drag other nations in ancient lands into our own conflicts in getting rid of racial issues, while their vital needs are becoming Liberated from Tyrant puppet regimes, and most especially in the case of more than 50,000,000 Kurds of Kurdistan in particular, who have been left out without their own Independent state, known as the largest nation without a country, when a Frenzy of 4 new comer peoples with support of the colonial powers swept away their natural right to be Independent in unfair, unbalanced & unjust wars of 4+ colonial military aids, and assistance against one „aboriginal Kurdish people“ of Kurdistan.

     It is now 2010, and the absolute neglect, and callous partition of Kurdistan Kurds have experienced for over 90 years can be corrected easily if we decide to change the abhorrent stateless situation, which took place in 1923. A condition, which can be attained through sane, safe, and sound American Foreign Policy.

     What we are experiencing is nothing short of total disregard for human dignity in East Kurdistan, still occupied by “Iran” regimes, in North Kurdistan (nearly 300,000 square kilometers)  still invaded by “Turkey”, itself a manufactured state since 1923, “Syria”, the invader of West Kurdistan (nearly 50, 000 square kilometers), and another manufactured state since 1923, along with the South Kurdistan, formerly occupied by Iraq regimes since 1923, but only partially Liberated since 2003’s former President Bush’s brave preemptive military operation to remove Saddam Hussein’s anti-Kurd Ba’si regime from power, yet South Kurdistan is still in dire need of Liberating the other half, which carelessly was left out of the no-fly zone under the 36 parallel through the previous Bush’s Callous Foreign Policy, which led to the systematic killings of tens of thousands of more Kurds under the 36 parallel from 1991 up to our 2003 Liberation of “Iraq”, with many more mass graves still being discovered throughout Iraq far from their Kurdish homes in the North.

     This must change, because there is never going to be peace in the region without an Independent Kurdistan as a whole or 4 Independent Kurdish states in each part. Independence or Federalism, to Govern themselves; whichever comes first, but definitely not be Governed by their usurpers, manufactured, and empowered by the early 1900s vicious colonial powers. There is no other way.   

Steve Tataii, US Congress Candidate of Kurd ancestry in the May 22, 2010 special election.

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Steve Tataii is a Kurdish scholar, the current May 22, 2010 special election candidate for Congress, former candidate for the United States Senate in ‘06, and US House in ’02 (won the election, but denied of his victory through a plot by corrupt inner circle political elements). US House Candidate ’08 (lost due to Incumbent’s refusal to debate), author of three recent books on the Iraq War related to Kurds and Kurdistan, long-time contributing writer for local and other media, linguist of more than six languages, and an Independent Conflict Resolution Consultant. His Website is: 

May 10, 2010


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