Any Ideas Color to Your Wedding Cake

White has long been closely associated with weddings, especially when it comes to the dress and the cake. Though many people still opt for an entirely white cake, more...

White has long been closely associated with weddings, especially when it comes to the dress and the cake. Though many people still opt for an entirely white cake, more and more couples are choosing to add color. Whether you are looking for a pop of color for specialty cakes in Atlanta or just seeking unique ideas, there are a number of ways to make your wedding cake as unique as you and your intended. Here are 7 ideas for bringing color to your wedding cake.

Flowers, whether real, artificial, or made of icing are perhaps the most popular option for color accents on a cake. They can be worked into the initial design or draped on an otherwise traditional creation. This is a nice way to tie your cake in with your bouquet, other decor, and bridesmaid dresses. If you ask, many bakers will add flowers to your cake as part of their service.

Like flowers, fruit can be added to your design at just about any point in the process. Grapes, kiwi fruit, and berries make especially good decorations that will stay looking fresh throughout the festivities. Even more importantly, they will taste great with the cake itself! For an extra special decorative flair, consider using fruit dipped in chocolate. Alternatively (or additionally), you may want a layer of fruit in the middle of your tiers to add color and flavor inside the cake.

Ribbon is a great way to add a colorful accent to a cake as a band goes over the icing around each tier of the cake. The various patterns and textures of ribbon allow it to help set a tone for the cake and the decor on the whole. For example, a sparkling silver or gold ribbon can be perfect for a fun party full of laughter and dancing. A simple, dark-colored band will add an element of elegance to a more traditional cake for a formal ceremony or wedding dinner. On the other end of the spectrum, pinks, yellows, and other bright colors can be paired with stripes, polka dots, or argyle patterns for a more casual affair.

Though figurines resembling the couple may not be the most popular option for cake toppers these days, there are still many ways to crown your cake with a special decoration. Hearts, signs with the couple’s names, or souvenirs from a particularly memorable moment in your relationship are all examples of toppers that can spice up your cake.

You don’t have to rely on cake decorations to bring color to your cake; why not go a step further and use colored icing? This could be used as piping on white icing to create a lattice look or other pattern, or you could skip white altogether and use your favorite shade as the base icing.

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