Plus Size Clothing Shopping Tips

There are more and more designers making clothes for plus sized women today. Wearing baggy or small clothes is no longer an option for plus size women. With the right advice on shopping for clothes, any full figured woman can look great even on a small budget.

Online stores are one way to shop, if the local store does not stock your specific cloth size. Your cloth size is perhaps the biggest determining factor of what you will wear. Well-fitting clothes will show off your best parts, at the same time hide your flaws. It is therefore important for you to know your dimensions to achieve this.


A good tailor will take your measurements, which you will need to use to choose the right fitting clothes. Avoiding taking your measurements will lead to many inconveniences. You might buy clothes that are either too tight or too baggy. Keep in mind that the cloth sizes are different for every individual. A size 12 might look the right size on you but upon fitting, you find that it is not your right size. The size tags on clothing are not always an accurate measure of your size, so dont spare that coin; get yourself fitted.


Dark colors work well with your heavier body parts. Black can make your bottom look slimmer, while brighter colors will make it look bigger. Learn how to match colors properly to achieve a slimming effect. Color blocking is also a good idea to go with dresses. You should also go for colors that work well with your skin tone.


Fabrics have a way of either clinging to orhanging on your body. The right fabrics should be the ones that cling to you. These include natural fibers such as silk, cotton and linen as well as synthetic fibers such as acetate and nylon. Heavier fabrics tend to hang on your body, so it will be a good idea to steer clear of these.


Print patterns will either draw attention to your weight or your good figure. Vertical stripes are the best to go for, as they have a slimming effect and also draw attention away from your weight. People will thus notice your good figure. Choose floral patterns that are bold and classic, as well as print patterns that are proportional to your body size. It is also advisable to avoid embellishments that will draw attention to your problem areas.

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