Ensure Music Marketing Success By Getting A Virtual Assistant

Everyone has this common misconception that personal assistants are only for the rich. That only bigwigs and famous celebrities can afford to keep one on-call to handle all their...

Everyone has this common misconception that personal assistants are only for the rich. That only bigwigs and famous celebrities can afford to keep one on-call to handle all their businesses and settle problems. It might be the last thing a start-up musician would expect to do with all expenses dedicated to many other things. You decide you can handle everything on your own and are determined that everything is going to be solved through hard work. Then, you realize the hours of the day seem too short for all the tasks at hand. Instead of working on your next album, you find yourself stuck all day responding to followers in Instagram and Facebook great.
The idea of hiring a personal assistant isnt very ideal when you think of the daily wages you have to deduct from your already-depleting business fund. But for those who are looking for a cheaper yet equally efficient alternative, a Music Marketing Virtual Assistant can be hired instead. Read on to find out what to expect.
The following are five (5) advantages of having a personal virtual assistant.

1. You are in control of the work contract.
Unlike regular assistants, virtual ones understand from the start that they will only be paid by the work they render to you. No requests for lunch breaks, paid leave and day off. Thats a 100% of your money dedicated to cater only to your needs! You dont have to worry about renting an office, providing a work desk and supplying all the office supplies and electronics. They can be called whenever you need them with just a call or chat. You dont even have to wait for them to take the bus and come to you. They respond immediately and would even be delighted to be called often. Most importantly, gone are the extra periodic expenses (benefits and incentives, health insurance and taxes) you have to pay when hiring an employee under you. You have control of the terms specified on the work contract. Carefully lay out your expectations and policies and youre good to go.

2. Let them handle tasks you dont feel like doing.
You wont get a chance to boss around people like you can to your Music Marketing Virtual Assistant. One of the beauties of having one is that you can shove all the tasks you dont like doing most of which you were never good to begin with or simply dont have the patience to push through. Imagine how much time you can save by having one other person to handle all the complicated time-consuming tasks that cant really be skipped since theyre also important for your marketing campaigns. Say goodbye to writing formal letters and making calls to important people. Even ordering your food becomes a luxury now that you have someone else to help. Instead of consuming your time hurriedly posting blog updates and whatnot, you can focus on improving your music.

3. Get the job done without exerting any effort.
Lets face it, sometimes we like to procrastinate; more so if the work is something you dont really enjoy. You forget important tasks because you mull over insignificant ones that you are more interested in. Have you ever tried travelling and having your luggage sent to another airport? Thats the kind of stress youll experience if you dont get the job done properly. And then there are the virtual assistants. Professional ones have a knack at multitasking, youd even wonder if they have extra hands and feet. The best ones will keep a close check on your schedules and bookings to make sure you get there on time and without delays. Its ideal for you to have a personal way of tracking your performance schedules, rehearsals, meetings, travel dates and personal information. This is expected, but an extra set of eyes can help you find possible discrepancies. Moreover having someone to keep you in-check and on-time with appointments greatly help your career in the long run.

4. Virtual assistants come in a complete package.
You wont ever find an experienced VA whos going to shower you with questions for every task you give. They apply for work knowing the type of job theyre getting into. Some prefer to hire beginners because of lower wages. They might help you save a bit but youll be spending a lot of time training them first which takes time and effort you dont have. By the time they get the hang of the job, you would have already been done with the things you needed to do. It is a fact that youll be spending more by hiring someone tenured. However, this would also mean youll get a Music Marketing Virtual Assistant who understands that their job is to lessen your burdens. For anyone who wants to successfully thrive in their own career, a well-informed assistant is a very good investment you will never regret having. The only time theyll need your attention is when you check the flow of your schedule and add new personal entries.

5. Expect an all-out supportive partner.
It wouldnt be an exaggeration to say that virtual assistants are like sidekicks. They go where you want them to go and come whenever you need them. You might have other people working for you like managers, drivers and publicists so it would seem a bit of a stretch to get another person. But, its not just about the obvious tasks. Sometimes, you will find yourself agonizing over how to inform your manager that youll be late just because the driver caught a cold. You cant ask the publicist to drive for you since thats not really in his job description. A Music Marketing Virtual Assistant is the one person among all your employees who can handle coordination. They are flexible and can handle several tasks simultaneously. All the while keeping tabs on your other personnel and ensuring your schedule flows smoothly. They can be called for overtime and can temporarily cover the duties of your other employees. You can relax and continue making good music to sell while he handles the rest. This way, no matter what problem arises, you wont be alone facing them.

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